And the Hills the Greenest Green

Back from Seattle, site of the Nebula Awards Banquet, as scheduled. Nebula weekends are low-key, without an intensive schedule, thus allowing attendees to spend most of the weekend playing tourist, as I and Yeong did, wandering around downtown, exploring the Pike Place Market, taking an Argosy Cruise tour of the bay, dining in the Space Needle, and finally touring the still-under-construction Science Fiction Museum. More about that later.

I knew this: Seattle is overcast most of the time, but has less actual rainfall that most people think; less than Houston. Weather last weekend was very pleasant. Puffy white clouds or clear blue skies, the only sporadic sprinkle during the entire weekend on Sunday afternoon, as Yeong and I sat inside Vivanda, sipping drinks before dinner.

I caught up and met with David Herter, finally, though email contact is still sporadic.

More later.

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