Votes are in

Locus Poll voting has concluded for this year, with 637 ballots received via email so far–with some unknown number of paper ballots sent to Oakland awaiting entry into the online form by Locus office staffpersons. Once they let me know that all of those have been entered, I’ll sit down and tally them all up in my database. That will take a couple hours–mostly a matter of resolving all the write-in votes so that all the same titles all tally together.

Still no official word about the Locus Awards (though I am usually the last to know these things); an announcement at Worldcon? Simply printing the winners in the July issue? I’ve heard both ideas, but nothing official. As a practical matter, the winners will be determined as soon as I tally the votes, which awaits only entry of the remaining paper ballots and my finding the couple hours to do it. Conceivably, as early as next weekend. But I doubt that they’ll let me.

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