The migration of to its shiny new dedicated server at CI Host — a Unix Dedicated Celeron Celeron 2.0GHz, 256MB RAM, 80 GB IDE, 100Mbps Ethernet, 8 IP addresses, 1000GB xfer, somewhere deep in the heart of Texas — seems to have gone smoothly, with the exception of some disruption with my FTP connectivity today. But the website has apparently been unaffected; no emails today about the site being down; only a slight noticeable glitch in the traffic numbers yesterday (when the migration took place) compared to the previous day vs previous weeks.

Blogger here has upgraded its functions, and in a moment I’ll get back to trying to turn on comments. I tried a moment ago and it didn’t work, sigh.

Thanks for Cheryl Morgan (via Kevin Standlee) for the email news alert this afternoon about the Arthur C. Clarke Award winner.

Some comments about reviews in a moment.

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