Near Term Plans

Here’s what to expect on the Locus Online website in the next week or so.

I’m leaving Monday morning October 27 for Washington DC, to play tourist for a few days with my partner Yeong and then attend the World Fantasy Convention. I’ll be there only until Sunday afternoon, after the banquet–returning Sunday evening. (Back to work Monday morning.)

By this weekend, therefore, I’m planning to post the sample pages from the new issue of Locus Magazine that just went to the printer–the November issue. Already posted bestsellers today. That leaves the ‘profile’ page, the TOC page, the New & Notable Books page, and 2 pages of interview excerpts.

In addition, I’ll have at least another New Books page, and perhaps a Magazines page update, plus one or two reviews, depending on which contributors get their pieces to me by this weekend.

I’ve reduced my Inbox backlog to a bare dozen or two emails, mostly from would-be contributors pitching ideas or even finished articles. If any of you are reading this, I haven’t forgotten.

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