Daily Updates

I’ve been posting daily to Facebook, for the past week or so; only coincidentally because I saw a comment to a post from Nancy Kress about how ‘kids these days’ don’t do blogs, they do Facebook.

Here is today’s Facebook post. If anyone reading this has any opinions about checking my blog vs reading my Facebook account, by all means let me know….

Today after lunch at my day job I spent six hours debugging update-diagram errors on the TESTCL TVAN module [which a senior designer had redlined and it was my job to integrate], 10 minutes fixing model-advisor warnings, and then sending the final diagram (via email rather than SVN, an shortcut allowed to accommodate today’s deadline) to the senior design staff in East Hartford for the latest BA build. Get it done before you go home, were the instructions; I worked about two hours over, a 10 hour day. Sounds like fun, huh? It is stressful, actually, since the way the tools work you never know how many bugs there are until you find and fix the last one… and that kept going on, hour after hour… But there is a certain satisfaction in finally, after all those hours, getting a clean report.

(I was a ‘senior’ designer way back in my SSME days, but on this project, after only a year, I’m still far from that.)

And now this evening, finishing up weekly bestsellers for the site.

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