Thanks to those who offered comments even if there was nothing much to comment about. I’m not sure that comments are even appropriate for this ‘blog’–which is more of a journal, really, in that blogs are traditionally oriented around commentary about things posted elsewhere on the web, especially the latest political doings.

On the other hand, I can think of some things I wouldn’t mind getting feedback on–a list of pet software peeves springs to mind. Does anyone know–

1) Why does Blogger offer to ‘remember’ me, but doesn’t; I always have to type in my username and password anyway. (Yes, of course I have cookies enabled, etc.)

2) Is there any way, in Windows XP Wordpad, to change the default file type from .rtf? (To ‘all documents’ *.*) I use Wordpad to edit .html files, so every time I launch it I spend two mouse clicks to change the file type away from the default.

3) Similarly, I use Paint Shop Pro to edit graphics. In version 7, it assumes a default file type of .psp — for ‘Paint Shop Pro image’ — and I can’t figure out a way to change it (to, say, .jpg).

4) Here’s one I just encountered today. In MS Outlook, when you create a new mail message and start to type an email recipient in the ‘To’ box, a list of possible completions appears. But the list include previous mistyped addresses. How do I delete those erroneous options? They’re not in my address book; where are they?

The comment function here in Blogger seems pretty crude, and perhaps I should take the time to convert to Movable Type or some more functional service. Maybe someday.

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