Pamphlet Found in a File Cabinet

Cleaning out old file cabinets recently, I came across what might be quite a treasure to someone: a ‘souvenir program’ pamphlet from the original 1977 Star Wars, which I attended at Graumann’s Chinese Theater (or was it already Mann’s by then?) with a group of college friends who, frankly, were more interested in the space opera flick that I was. We stood in line for a couple hours, and in those days–not even for this film–owners didn’t clear the theaters after each show, and so the four of us cheerfully (well, less so in my case) sat through two successive screenings. I have never watched the film again (though I’ve dutifully seen all the sequels, once each). I don’t recall if the programs were free, or if (more likely) we bought them; I see now on the inside back cover, underneath the list of credits, it says

For additional copies of this souvenir program, send $1.50 plus .50 handling and postage to: S.W. Ventures, Inc., 45 East 55 Street, New York, N.Y. 10022. Printed in U.S.A.

I wonder what would happen if someone tried this now.

I am an eBay virgin, to echo a theme on one of the newsgroups I subscribe to, but I presume people there sell and shop for things like this all the time. What would this item bring, I wonder? Perhaps a commentator can offer a clue.

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