Mail Call

I hate standing in lines; to be reduced to standing in a line means you’ve either poorly planned your time, or you’ve agreed to participate in an inefficient process. Nevertheless… I did so today to retrieve my Post Office mail, held this past week while I was away at World Fantasy Con. A rookie carrier, I was told, is why my mail wasn’t delivered to the house yesterday, as I’d scheduled. But why does it always take the clerk a full *five minutes* to find something in the back room?? Is there an opportunity here for some entrepeneur to introduce a rational filing scheme to the PO–perhaps by street name or number??? But I suppose I’m sounding like a whiny Andy Rooney; OK, I’ll stop.

Kitty retrieved, glad to be home, back to tearing back and forth through the house at 4 a.m.; now sitting atop the computer cabinet as I work away.

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