Secret Masters

Today’s bonus link for those of you checking my blog is this link with photos from a certain “Discredited Diseases Convention.”

Everyone experiences a different convention, of course. The one I was at last week included the annual Locus Foundation Board Meeting, at which the publisher and editors of Locus Magazine and other designated board members convene to review the financial state of the empire, brainstorm ideas for expansion, make decisions about whose careers to make or break, and so on. Well, I exaggerate a bit. We talk a lot, but don’t actually reach very many decisions.

One idea we’ve tossed around for a year or two now is launching a regular email newsletter, to which anyone could sign up for, with links to the latest features on the website, previews of what’s in work for the magazine, and so on. The mechanisms are in place; getting it going is just a matter of figuring out who will do the work to compile each issue and deciding exactly what content each will contain. The Locus magazine staff is already overworked, and the Locus Online staff is, well, they never seem to be around when I need them. But we’ll work it out eventually, someday, maybe. After that, we’ll start designing the Locus tote bags, t-shirts, and umbrellas…

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