Arrived Fort Lauderdale

I left for the airport this morning, in LA, just about an hour before the emails reporting Andre Norton’s death started coming in. I’d made late arrangements for this trip on an airline I’d never previously even heard of — AirTran — and had expected a 3 hour layover in Dallas/Fort Worth. As it turned out, due to stormy weather in Florida that delayed departures of flights heading here, I sat in DFW for nearly 6 hours, and spent the time (in between meals) reading David Mitchell’s fascinating, amazing Cloud Atlas (I’m only just past the half-way point), when I suppose I should have ponied up the few bucks to log into the local airport wireless network to check on my email, and the breaking news; I could have posted the news about Andre Norton from there. Anyway, it’s posted now, and it’s gratifying that so many readers, expecting Locus Online to be the focal point for breaking SF news, sent me e-mail alerts about what they’d not yet seen posted. Thanks, and I’ll try not to be out of touch so long (over 12 hours!) again.

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