Return from ICFA

Had a good time in Fort Lauderdale at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (ICFA), despite an ailment that kept me confined to my room half the time, ruined my appetite, and persists even after my return home. Which is why I’m behind posting reports about the talks and papers delivered there, posting new books pages on the website, and responding to emails. I am, in any event, back home (which is saying something).

I’d also like to mention, re Cheryl Morgan, that I have no intention of leaking anything. Not that there’s anything to leak. Necessarily. (Yet… if someone has received a notification and accepted the nomination, thus guaranteeing their placement on the Hugo ballot, what is the harm in mentioning that…? I can see where alluding to someone else’s nomination, someone who might conceivably refuse the nomination, might cause awkward consequences. But otherwise?)

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