Infrastructure Updates

Most of the revisions to the various ‘infrastructure’ pages of the site — standing pages ‘about’ the site and magazine, FAQs, indexes, archive pages, etc. — are now complete and posted, with updates to the text as well as the html coding, with consistent style sheets, and revised color formatting of some sections. I also trimmed down, just a bit, and rearranged, just a bit, the various links on the homepage to such pages — aware of complaints about the ‘messiness’ of the homepage, though at the same time I’m aware that, invariably, what others complain about is never what I detect as flaws; and as always indeterminate about the ideal structure of the homepage. Move or delete links, and people complain about not finding this or that; keeping links ‘above the fold’ is a worthy goal, but then there are so many links — to Locus Indexes, links about the site, links about the magazine, links to archive the main content — that it’s difficult to arrange them unobtrusively without seeming messy.

I do still have in mind one additional layer of links and content wrt/the ‘infrastructure’ pages. A bonus, an added feature, a freebie. But don’t look for it until I tell you.

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