Neffy News

Via Cheryl Morgan’s Emerald City blog this morning I discovered today that 1) there is something called the Neffy Awards, presented by the National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F) [which I have heard of]; 2) they presented their awards this past weekend at Baycon; and 3) that according to this page, Locus Online has won in the category for “Best Web Site or Reference (non fiction)”!

This was the first I’d heard about it. Awards comes in all sizes of course, from the obsessively-ruled and documented Hugos and Nebulas on down… to the more casual affairs where publicizing the event or alerting nominees and winners might perhaps seem… presumptuous? Or merely neglectful? In any case, I’m pleased to have won, grateful to the voters, and thank the convention and committee.

Meanwhile, with today’s posting of the usual pages representing the June issue of Locus Magazine, the conversion of all regularly posted pages of the website to new leaner and css-style-meaner html formatting is complete. It took longer than I expected; I’ve hardly read a book in the last month. Now back to plan.

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