Labor Day

It was a strange weekend, this past weekend, with Monday a holiday; for 15 years or more I’ve always been away at Worldcon over this weekend, which usually overlaps my birthday (on August 30), so that casual friends have gotten used to never thinking about my birthday, since I’m never around when it happens. It’s just as well; I’m not a party person.

A couple quick notes — I’ve gotten absolutely no feedback, for or against, about the little javascript drop-down menus I installed on the homepage last week. I think they’re pretty cool, and might add them in a couple other places, unless I hear some reason not to.

As for Katrina, beyond the posts I’ve already done, I expect nothing more. It’s being handled better by others. I did have a submission by one of my contributors on the subject, over the weekend, until he decided to withdraw it. It may morph into something else.

More later.

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