Creeping Backlog

There’s rarely a time I don’t have an aging ‘to do’ list of items to post or infrastructure pages to update on the site. One item from that list I finished today — posting the comments from the Locus polls earlier this year, which I’d gotten permission from Locus HQ to post back in July. But the trip to Worldcon and Europe beyond, and then the resultant catch-up period following, delayed attention to that until this week. Another, even more lingering item: the Directory page for magazine issues, which I’d let lapse over a year ago. I posted that page for 2005 this evening, though in bare-bones form; it still needs gathering off-site review links, from SF Site, Tangent Online, etc. (You’ll find that page via the drop-down under Directories on the homepage.)

Some comments on TV shows next time.

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