Quick Update

I completed adding references to the 2005 Magazines Directory page last weekend — Friday, actually.

As for TV, I meant to mention that I was dazzled and moved by the finale to Six Feet Under, and that having watched the first four episodes of Lost during summer reruns, pre-ordered the DVD of the complete first season, which arrived last week… we spent a marathon Friday evening and Saturday watching the first 12 episodes, and have another 10 days to watch the remaining 12 before the 2nd seasons premiere shows on the 21st. I’m still not sure the show is SF in any fundamental way, but the vagueness of the skiffy/horror allusions (monstrous sounds in the jungle; the appearance of a polar bear on a tropical island; etc.) are more than compensated by the basic drama, in which each episode explores via flashbacks the backstory of one of the characters, giving the overall story depth, and adding intriguing new clues to the central mystery of why the airplane crashed on the island in the first place.

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