Comments Be Gone

OK, I’ve suppressed comments.

Only one comment (via e-mail) so far to the current re-design study of the homepage. I’m happy with the layout and colors except for the new headlines boxes, which I’m still tweaking, especially the colors.

I see today that Salon has converted to a blog-type format, posting time-stamped items in reverse chronological order. Makes sense…

Lost is getting more interesting, with revelations about the purpose of the bunker underneath the hatch, though I think the writers are making too much of this ‘science’ vs. ‘faith’ debate; under the circumstances, it was clearly *prudent* of the survivors to enter the code one more time (i.e. there was nothing to be, er, lost by doing so), whether or not anyone had ‘faith’ that it was necessary…. Not quite blinkable, this item about how last night’s show has given a boost sales of Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman.

Finally, I’ve made the commitment and bought an airline ticket in order to attend the World Fantasy Convention in Madison WI, the first weekend of November. If anyone who’ll be there is reading this, I’ll arrive Thursday night and leave Monday morning.

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