Friday Notes

Today’s Google alert turned up this press release

No longer do you need a physics degree or a slide rule to enjoy science fiction! Adventure fans from young adults to seasoned citizens can now jump into the genre without intimidation, because with the release of “Resurrection of Liberty,” science fiction is now accessible to all.

It goes on.

On a more serious note, my favorite commentary on the intelligent design debate is Dahlia Litchwick’s Mind the Gaps from Slate.

ID says we shouldn’t bother ourselves with resolving scientific inconsistencies or untangling puzzles. We should recognize that what God really wants is for us just to stop learning. … What if we just recognized, for instance, that we can’t make the Standard Model of particle physics work? This theory, which purports to describe all known matter — including subatomic particles, such as quarks and leptons, as well as the forces by which they interact — is plagued by scientists’ failure to observe something called “proton decay.” Now, if we apply the ID principle to particle physics, no one ever needs to put on a lab coat again. Quarks and leptons? They’re made of God.

Still tinkering with the design mod, spending lots of time looking at other sites for cues. It’s remarkable how few site designs use curves at all; I feel a bit retro clinging to my rounded corners. But I will for now.

UPDATE 7:30 p.m.: I’ve posted the design mod. Look at it for a couple minutes, then back at the old design.

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