There’s always something more to do. This week, I implemented, after a couple years of intending to do so, links from the Monitor pages back to the Directory pages, for each title listed. The Directory pages accumulate additional links for reviews, awards nominations and wins, etc. indefinitely, while the Monitor pages, once they’re posted, are never updated. The M to D links are a way of knitting the site together more thoroughly.

Then there’s News… about two years ago I switched to a blog-like structure for the homepage, whereby most news items were posted only as items there, on the homepage. I keep meaning to return to posting news items as independent pages — mainly because, as my experience with Google has shown, search engines don’t record changes only to the homepage, but they will pick up new pages. It makes a big difference in the big scheme of things whether your site gets picked up or not, as a source for news items. This evening I posted the Clarion news on a separate page, manually; my intention is to automate this process somehow. More to do.

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