If the Thundercloud Passes Rain

Two reports today of possible glitches with the site, for which I’d appreciate any further feedback….

First, can you reach the site via ‘http://locusmag.com’ rather than ‘http://www.locusmag.com’?

Second, does the site load completely in Firefox?

I’ve tried both of these on my home machine and they seem fine, but others have reported problems. As a general rule, I’ve always kept the coding of the site relatively simple, to avoid any such problems, since I don’t have the resources of a fully professional site to check every design change in all possible browsers… I only just recently added javascript features… and so I depend on feedback from readers to alert me of such issues.

UPDATE Sunday evening — thanks to the half dozen of you who responded and said you’ve seen no problems at all. I’ll consider the matter closed, though of course anyone detecting any problem should of course let me know…

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