Extreme Weather, LA Style

Extreme weather, LA style, means thunder and lightning throughout the night! And bursts of heavy rain during the day that bring office meetings to a pause while everyone wonders if the roof is about to cave in! And this, our second thunderstorm of the year; SoCal has already exceeded its quota. The theme is on my mind as I’m, still, part-way through Kim Stanley Robinson’s latest…

On Locus matters, the conventions list has been updated. Marianne Jablon, former Locus editor and wife of Jonathan Strahan way down in Perth Australia, keeps her hand in by compiling convention listings, which are printed in the magazine as space permits but are always updated the site, every month or two.

The long-awaited Rich Horton essay on which editors have been most successful publishing stories that have won Hugos and Nebulas is up as the next ‘feature’ on the website. It’s required more than usual fact-checking on my part to be certain subtotals and year-references are accurate. The essay should be up sometime this week.

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