New Links

I spent a couple three hours this afternoon going through e-mails from the past (ahem) several months with suggestions or referrals to websites to add to Locus Online’s links pages. I’ve added a few new blogs, some Swedish websites on the Worlds Links pages, a couple small press publishers, etc. Some suggestions I didn’t take; amateur writers who’ve posted their unpublished novels on their personal websites, for example.

The matter of blogs is difficult. Without my having tried very hard or been especially proactive in searching them out, the Links Portal page already has a quite lengthy list of blogs. If I tried, I could easily double it. The list would quickly become unmanageable. The judicious use of bold tags helps a bit, for my own use — those are the ones I check pretty much every day — but aren’t necessarily helpful to others. If not already, soon everyone will have a blog. What then?

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