Busy January

Not much time to talk; my partner will be home in a few minutes, and then I’ll have to stop. This month is looking very busy, what with three best-of-year essays due (including one from Matthew Cheney, already received), the new Locus Poll Ballot and Survey form to set up by the end of the month, trying to finish updating the Locus Index to SF Awards (in progress, penciled in to complete this weekend, when my partner will be out of town), and new orders-from-headquarters about posting a vintage Gaiman/Pratchett interview to promote the upcoming February issue of The Magazine. And there’s a pending Lawrence Person review awaiting some clarification from him before I can post. And Cindy’s due to submit a season 2 Battlestar Galactica update. And I need to update numerous ‘special’ subscription pages with the new rates. And I’m probably forgetting some things. I did manage to complete the final 2005 Monitor page, for end-of-December magazines, this evening. I’d meant to post opinions about recent films, but I haven’t found the time. This website could easily be a full-time job, but it’s not. I wish it could be.

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