The ships have come to carry you home

I finished compiling the older Locus reviews today, and posted the expanded Index to Reviews in Locus Magazine. Also posted the latest Claude review, and some letters.

Work is mellowing out. My company, as seems to be customary among aerospace firms, closes down entirely between Christmas and New Year’s Day, sometimes with additional days at either end depending on where the holidays fall with respect to weekends. This year we get no extra days; December 24th through January 1st are company-paid holidays, but that leaves 2 days to work next week, and a single day, January 2nd, to report to the work the week after that. With all my vacation days exhausted from the move this past year, and convention trips, I’ll be at work on those days. Still, with so many staff taking those days off, the pace relaxes considerably. Fewer meetings, fewer watchdogs, and thus, how shall I say this, more time to think about other things even while sitting in my Dilbertesque cubicle.

Now I’m worrying about this Blogger-implemented blog, after reading a post on some other site about lost archives. I update this blog, but here at there’s only an archive link for October. Where’s November? What’s going on? Another reason to transition to a more fully-featured blog service. Real soon now.

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