Spent a couple hours today keying the complete Locus Poll results (from the August issue) into my awards database, to take a big step in updating the Locus Awards Index; most other nominations lists of major awards have already been compiled. You might think it easier to reformat an electronic version of the poll results for import into the awards database, but this isn’t true; it takes longer to reformat and parse fields than it does to simply type everything in fresh. Being a fairly fast accurate typist helps.

Having done the poll, I updated the 2002 Directory to include references to the poll results; see here. There isn’t yet an online listing of the poll itself; that will come with the Awards Index update, in the next week or so.

Eventually I’ll merge the Awards database and my Books database, as I’ve already merged the Locus Reviews database into the Books database. My goal is to never have to type any particular book title more than once, ever. After that, everything is done by tagging existing records and running queries to generate new records, or webpages. It’s fun.

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