Awards Index update

Finally finished today. I spent an extra day — a day’s work, spread out over available time over the past week or so — re-engineering a number of steps, and manually inspecting index entries to set permanent page breaks, so that Nominee Indexes from now on will have fixed pagination, and permalinks. This means nominees can find their entries in the index, bookmark the permalinks, and be able to use those links indefinitely, even as the entire awards index is updated every year (if not more often). This means that as the entire set of awards data expands, the index page breaks won’t change. Individual pages will grow — but they’re just text; extra download times to access the pages will be trivial. And index pages on a website, unlike pages in a print book, don’t need to be a consistent size, or the same limited size from year to year. Where individual pages were too big in between letter breaks, I set breaks on nominees with substantial numbers of nominations — this puts major names at the beginning of index pages, rather than, as the old system drove, the ends.

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