Incremental Updates

I’ve finally finished something I promised a year ago: to work out a way to incrementally update the Awards Index throughout the year, updating the nomination lists and the nominee index pages as needed, without having to build the entire index (all 2884 html pages, at current count) to keep the links between pages current. Having just fixed paginations in the nominee indexes was a third of the task; I worked out the other two-thirds this week. First example: the page for the 2007 Crawford Award finalists. That page is new, and more critically the Nominee Index pages with those seven authors have been individually updated — in fact, these are the first award references for Novik and Lynch — without having to rebuild the entire Nominee Index.

OTOH, various other indexes for publishers and titles and whatnot have *not* been updated — they won’t be until an annual rebuild of the entire site. The individual award pages by year, and the nominee indexes, seem the most critical to keep up to date.

I know, I really should refine the layout of some of these pages — the bulleted templates set up back at the beginning don’t always work. Those wraps on two of the publisher references on the new Crawford page look pretty awful.

In other news, over 400 Locus Poll emails received thus far.

And, quite a bit more data has been compiled on the 2006 Book Editors directory page. Though it’s quite a bit from complete or comprehensive. Still, I should post a formal announcement real soon now, or the exercise will be moot, with the Hugo nomination deadline only 2 weeks away. Next year, I’ll get started earlier.

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