Cruising Alaska

To follow up on previous post, I’m currently on a cruise ship heading up the coast from Seattle to Juneau (in Hobart Bay, at the moment), and will be away from home until Sunday the 14th. There *is* internet accessibility here (obviously), but it is slow, and $55/hour — so aside from checking urgent e-mail, and posting a couple pages set up before I left, posting on the site this week will be reduced. Full service will return after I return.

Update, later — have been unsuccessful attaining an FTP connection today, to upload updates to the website. This is the explanation for anyone happening to check my blog… Will try again later. It worked the first night… rather late at night. Will try tonight.

Update, Wednesday: The Internet cafe staff person shrugged: “Well, we say ‘high-speed’ but it is not like your high-speed at home.” Nevertheless, I did achieve FTP connect just a few minutes ago, Wednesday afternoon, and so at least got one new page, and a link to this post, onto the site. May have another update before the trip is over, but can’t guarantee anything…

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