Color Scheming and Style Sheeting

Just a couple more days, or more properly I should say another four to six hours real time; it actually depends on when during the next few days I can find those hours, to finish the Awards Index update and post the overhauled site. Depending on how closely you’ve been paying attention, it will look pretty much the same, or quite different; the color scheme is revised, a bit subtler and more subdued; the homepage is rearranged and expands details that previously were posted on separate pages. Layouts and color schemes of index pages — the listings, indexes, tally pages, etc. — are more unified — underlain by a simplified scheme of cascading style sheets that necessarily implement standardized formatting — though I can’t quite claim to have eliminated every deprecated font tag on the site, not quite.

All this is quite fun, for me; it’s as close to programming as I get to do these days.

When it’s done and posted, I’ll get back to Monitor Listings…

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