Work, Workspaces, and Oscars

This week we have a long new essay by Gary Westfahl about SF’s predictions and how seriously to take them; I think it’s a fascinating, substantial piece in the venerable tradition of, say, Arthur C. Clarke’s Profiles of the Future, even as it undermines some of SF’s party line positions on the inevitability of certain trends. What with upcoming film reviews (Watchmen will be covered by Howard Waldrop and Lawrence Person) and a couple other features lined up, there should be a ‘Monday feature’ of some sort for at least the next month or so.

This week, the Awards Index having been posted last Friday and done with for the moment, I’ll be catching up on posting excerpts from Locus’ February issue (the bestsellers, new & notable books, the interview), and on Monitor Listings of recent books and magazines.

Interesting thread about workspaces in the Roundtable blog; I have a fairly nice workspace, and library, and perhaps I should post some photos…

I quite approve of most of the Oscar winners, including leader Slumdog Millionaire… not unaware of the irony that it was directed by Danny Boyle, whose previous film Sunshine I (and others) fairly eviscerated a couple years ago. It just shows to go you, as they say, that it all depends on the script, really, does it not.

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