90% Done

Just a quick post to say that I haven’t forgotten about the redesign, that I’m actively working on it every day time permitting, and that it is — as we always say in the software development world — 90% done. The homepage is actually 99% done — significantly cleaner and crisper, I think — but part of the point of the redesign is to establish a similar look and menu bars across *all* pages, along with merging static pages with blog pages, and engineering all of those to be consistent simultaneously is taking a bit longer than anticipated.

Next week by right around this time I should have Gary Westfahl’s review of the new Star Trek film. And Nick Gevers has promised me a new SF Quintessential interview real soon now. And Cory’s column from the May issue of Locus will be up within the next week.

One Response to 90% Done

  1. I have been away from Locus Mag Online for a while and suddenly it got on my mind again, as well as the question : “So, how all our comments and feedback have been taken into account?” I confess I expected everything to have stayed pretty much the same – and there it was, a very nicely updated website that took them into account indeed (but for the legacy quaint rocket icon at the bottom). Thank you Mark! Keep it up!
    – S├ębastien