98% Done, and Posted

The new homepage is posted, along with new pages linked to a common set of menu bars, despite a few gaps in the superstructure between those new pages and the older pages, and despite a known browser issue or two. The day is ending and I’ll be busy tomorrow and back to work on Monday, so I figure I might as well get it all up there for people to see — and throws stones at. I just discovered the new blogs — for Reviews, and Perspectives, don’t display properly in Internet Explorer (always the ‘special’ browser) and have posted a note to that effect, rather than hold everything until Monday evening or later when I’ll next have a chance to debug.

Tomorrow I expect Gary Westfahl’s Star Trek review, which will go up in the new Reviews blog (and I plan to see the film myself tomorrow). Eventually I’ll tweak the layout of the News and Roundtable blogs to match the common website theme, including the menu bars. The last 2% may take another few weeks…

Here’s a screen capture of the site four days ago.

3 Responses to 98% Done, and Posted

  1. Mark: The new layout got me right away. Checked your blog and sure enough – it’s almost done. Very much like the photos and setup. First impression is very positive. I’ll spend more time going over it but I like what I see.
    As always,

  2. Wonderful. Cleaner and easier on my aging eyes.

  3. new design looks really nice. keep up the good work mark!