Cache, and RAM

Quick update — the solution described last time turned out to be only a part, perhaps only a small part, of the solution. After installing the super-cache plug-in on the both the News and Reviews blogs last night, the site was still unresponsive this morning, as prone to 503 errors as before. Liza and the staff at Locus HQ followed up this morning with the hosting service to upgrade our server with more RAM (it had been only 256 Mb), and that made the big difference. It’s understandable — we went from a server that did little more than host static pages, to one that ran PHP programs every time anyone clicked on a News or Reviews or Perspectives post. (Even with the cache plug-ins installed, some PHP is running each time.) I hope, of course, that there will be no more problems, but then I’ve said this before.

I’m off to Chicago area on Thursday for an extended weekend graduation event, but I’ll try to get some substantial posts done by then. A new Lois column just came in…

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