First Novels Directories

The latest exciting new feature here at Locus Online are directory pages for first novels only — a list of First Novels published in 2010 and also one for 2009. These join the sorted novels directories (by genre and series/standalone status) established a couple months ago, and like them will be updated weekly, or whenever a New Books page is posted. I had a couple user requests for such pages, and they seemed like a good idea to do.

I’ll stipulate at the outset that these are likely no more *comprehensive* than are the other Directory pages — inevitably, they compile only what we’ve seen here at Locus Online, including references to books reviewed or recommended by Locus Magazine, and not including forthcoming titles. As always, suggestions of other titles to include are welcome, especially for the First Novels pages, considering that that category garners special attention from several awards, and the lists will be especially useful the more comprehensive they are.

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