Na Pali

Today on Kauai – we took the rental car, a red Mustang convertible, for a final spin, down the coast to the beach an Poipu, before returning it around noon. The cruise ship left port at 2p.m., as we were eating lunch, spinning again in the harbor before heading out into the ocean. The ship went north and then west to pass along the rugged northwest coast of Kauai, the Na Pali Coast, where the rugged hills plunge from 4000 feet down into the surf, cut by narrow valleys famed for their use in Hollywood films — here, the Hawaii ambassador spoke to the assembled passengers on deck over the loudspeaker, is the valley used in the Jurassic Park films; here is where Harrison Ford and Anne Heche landed in Six Days Seven Nights. Along the way, I posted Lois Tilton’s latest column; and this evening as I type, when it’s already New Year’s Day 2011 in New York City, I’ve just posted the initial January ads on the site. Tomorrow we disembark and fly home, and my post for tomorrow (the January issue TOC) is dependent on wifi access in the Honolulu airport.

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