Honolulu Airport

Off the ship, taxi to the airport, where we learn United has had to ‘downsize’ the airplane for our scheduled flight back to L.A. today, and need 60 passengers to give up their seats. We discuss staying over another day, for the cost of a $400 credit against future United flights, and decide against. Fortunately we checked in early.

Wifi is free in the airport, for the price of watching a 30 second video commercial. Email and web works, but not for some reason my FTP app, which hangs. Managed to use web-based FTP, which is tedious to to use, to upload a minimal update today, for the January Toc. There’ll be catching up, posting updated indexes and directories and whatnot, tomorrow once I’m back home and up to speed.

UPDATE 8 HOURS LATER — Of the four of us traveling, one did not make the cut for the reduced flight. So we all took the offer of a $400 voucher and a flight later in the day — a red-eye flight leaving at 9:20 pm and arriving in LA at 4:45 am — and so have spent another day on Oahu. We rented another car (our fifth in 10 days, an Infiniti G25, and by far the best of the five), drove over the hills on the 61 to see the view, then up the middle of the island to visit the Dole pineapple plantation. Dinner at Sam Choy’s, then back to the airport to await our flight.

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