Return to the Mainland

I managed to post something every day, or for every day, of my 10-day Hawaii trip, which is ironic considering one is usually busier during a vacation than during routine life at home, and I sometimes go for weeks between posts here at home. I had this notion during the trip that I might keep the momentum going, somehow, and try to post something on this blog every day, just as I post something on the Locus Online site every day. But the flip side of this relationships is, of course, that one has more to talk about on a vacation than while at home, and once back at home last weekend, I didn’t have anything particularly novel to post about, right away.

OTOH, I could comment about Locus’ new electronic editions and subscription options, though as it’s turned out Locus HQ has managed to set this up and get it running largely without my intervention. It will be interesting to see, over the longer run, how this affects Locus’ subscription rates.

Meanwhile, Locus, and I, are working toward the February issue of the magazine, with summaries of the year in publishing. This weekend I’ll be finishing my annual task of tallying and profiling trends in short fiction publication, and I may also update my Roundtable blog post of several months ago about my online tallies of novels, breaking down totals between sf and fantasy, stand-alones and series books…

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