R.E.M. Lines

I’ve written, indulgently, about R.E.M. before, so instead of doing that again I’ll just list some of my favorite songs and lyrics… not quite in chronological order; with my favorites being toward the end.

Fall on Me
    a way to talk around the problem

    twenty thousand miles to an oasis

Orange Crush
    we are agents of the free

I Remember California
    at the edge of the continent

E-Bow the Letter
    aluminum, tastes like fear

Losing My Religion
    that was just a dream

Sweetness Follows
    it’s these little things, they can pull you under

Eleventh Track
    hold him, and keep him strong

Leaving New York
    it’s easier to leave than to be left behind

Saturn Return
    you climb into your rocketship

    don’t talk to me about being alone

Walk Unafraid
    i’ll be clumsy instead

Bang and Blame
    you let go on me

    does she know i sing?

The Lifting
    once you had a dream of oceans and sunken cities

    to leave it, believe it, leave it all behind

Find the River
    all of this is coming your way

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