World Fantasy prelude

I’ll be driving down to San Diego tomorrow afternoon to attend World Fantasy Con, a somewhat foreshortened trip, arriving late, leaving early (Sunday after the banquet), compared to last year’s trip to Columbus OH, mostly due to dayjob work priorities. (And I’m taking my work laptop with me to check in and keep up.) I’ll be attending a Locus Foundation meeting Friday morning, but otherwise … my schedule is completely open.

Beth Gwinn stopped by last week and has stayed with us on and off, with a weekend interlude to Sacramento to visit relatives; she left today for San Diego.

I have a telescope on my balcony and we’ve been watching Jupiter’s moons for a couple weeks now. Their positions change noticeably after only an hour or two. Tonight: three on the right, spread out; one on the left, close.

A couple plugs: liked The Ides of March. Also liked, guardedly, Drive, which I would have liked better had there been fewer abrupt, violent scenes, along the lines of such scenes in the Godfather movies. Like the soundtrack though – by Cliff Martinez, who also just did Contagion.

Also, in the art-house department: a de facto gay film called Weekend, which effectively shows how quickly, vibrantly, yet sadly, a chance hookup can lead to a weekend romance that leads to an inevitable breakup due to circumstances. I always read closing credits, and from this film discovered a singer named John Grant — not the SF writer — whose album Queen of Denmark is quite nice, with a curious song about Sigourney Weaver and a lovely earworm song called “Where Dreams Go To Die”.

Somehow I seem to be seeing more movies lately than reading books. This was never my intention. I did recently finish a nonfiction by Jesse Bering and am part way through the new Richard Dawkins; will report on them soon.

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