Where Were We…

Been a busy couple weeks, for assorted reasons. I’ve been placing more ads on various pages of the website, hesitantly, and so far no one has complained. Have yet to find out what the first month’s earnings will be from them; what they amount to may well guide further decisions about placing ads. I haven’t yet put one of the supplied ads on the homepage, because I already have a top of page banner there (and the space there is reserved for the next several months). Yet pay-outs from ads there could be substantial, the ad folks say, hinting at numbers easily double what the flat fee banners I’ve been selling there so far earn.

I never got around to writing about my tour of the then-uncomplete SF Museum in Seattle, which I saw during Nebula Awards weekend back in April; now the museum is open, and articles about it have run in dozens of papers, so there’s not much point. I will mention that the museum’s website, now called www.sfhomeworld.org, has recently undergone a slick redesign, though I must say that some of their bibliographic data, in the book recommendations lists linked from here, are less than completely accurate.

I need to update the right sidebar cover thumbs, I know; I have been reading a few books at least these past couple months.

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