Locus Awards Winners

The results are posted, after finally hearing from Locus HQ that it was OK to do so. (I’d wanted to post the results 6 weeks ago when I tabulated them. Why wait?) Perhaps I should anticipated the confusion about when it was OK to release the news, given the earlier confusion over when the voting ended– Locus announced in the May issue editorial that voting would remain open until May 15th, but didn’t tell me; I counted down the number days left to vote on the homepage for an entire week up to May 1st, then removed the ballot. Apparently the office staff was too busy to glance at the site that week.

Oh well; my problems are pretty minor compared to the major shakeup in Locus Magazine’s editorial staff just concluded this week. But you will have to read about that in the July issue editorial (which, this time, I saw in advance).

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