People at First Apple Valley House

This is the house where we were living when my younger sister Susan was born. And the photos reveal my father’s parents, his brother Bruce, and a girlfriend of Bruce’s at the time, visited.

Here’s my family at the time, my parents, baby Sue, and me.

Here’s Grandma and Grandpa Kelly, holding baby Sue; then just Grandma and baby.

Here are my mother and me, our dog Tammy and me, and a picture of me with my toy plastic cars.

From another role, now faded pics of my mother and me in a small wading poll, the dog again, and me in a chair with “Rex Fuller’s cat” on my lap. Don’t know who Rex Fuller was.

Next, family members in the back patio; a shot of my Uncle Bruce and “Peggy”, presumably a girlfriend, both of whom must have come on the trip with the Kelly grandparents; an unknown woman holding baby Sue; a couple pictures of the dogs (Tammy and Dusty) in the snow.

Finally here’s Christmas 1958, with my mother, baby Sue, my grandmother (‘Grammie’), my father, and me apparently looking at instructions for some sort of toy brick construction set. Note the contemporary TV in the back; the box of Kleenex; and some textbooks at left.