1987 Rocketdyne Open House

By 1987 we had computer terminals on our desks. IIRC the mainframe was a PDP-11, which Alan P. became administrator of, if perhaps not by 1987.

Note the Far Side calendar, a sand window at right, and a poster of shuttle emblems to date underneath the glass on the desk. Unfortunately the resolution isn’t quite high enough to make out the menu on the computer screen. Or the labels on all the blue Rockwell binders.

A picture of the upgraded cubicle farm. These cubicles had two built-in bookcases above the L-shaped desk, and if I recall correctly a file cabinet somewhere, a desk chair, and a guest chair.

Here’s a full picture of the SSME Controller. About the size of a microwave oven.

The room behind the glass is the clean room where the mainframe computer was; the room had a raised floor to make connecting devices with cables under the floor easier.

Finally this device, also in that clean room I think, is the SIA, Simulation Interface Adapter, an improved device from four years earlier to connect to the Controller for in-house software testing.