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One More Round of Links, with no Comments

Let’s just compile them with minimal comment. Some are worth returning to. Here’s everything I haven’t already posted since the 1st of October.

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Easing Away from Daily Posts

I’ve managed to post something on this blog almost every day (I think I missed two, perhaps three days) since September 14, 2021, so for about thirteen and a half months. I think for reasons I’ll step back from that … Continue reading

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Dialogues: Democracy’s Enemies; Yuval Noah Harari

Two items today are responses to earlier articles or reviews, about the enemies of democracy, and about Yuval Noah Harari. And then my responses to them.

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Bertrand Russell on World History

Palette cleanser.

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No Worries, Only Social Control

Conservatives worry a lot. About the wrong things.

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No Plans, Only “Devil Terms”

Today’s batch of news and essays about the current political situation in the US.

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SF and Literary Topics

Cormac McCarthy, Philip K. Dick, Top Horror Stories, SF for Beginners, the Storytelling Bias, latest NYTBR SF/F reviews, Mathematical fiction

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Change, Delusions, Reality

New York Times, Michael H. Keller and David D. Kirkpatrick, 23 Oct 2022 (on front page for 24 Oct 2022): Their America Is Vanishing. Like Trump, They Insist They Were Cheated., subtitled “The white majority is fading, the economy is … Continue reading

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Climate Change, Pathogens, and Following the Money

I’ve brought up the connection between climate change (to the extent of the warming and melting of permafrost) and an increased rate of new pathogens, before. Here are some new studies about that connection.

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Alastair Reynolds, “Turquoise Days”

This week’s Sunday novella is “Turquoise Days” by Alastair Reynolds. It was first published in a thin chapbook from Golden Gryphon Press (shown left in the photo above) in 2002, then in a two-novella collection, Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days, from … Continue reading

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