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Watching the News

Yesterday I quoted Robert Reich about the mainstream media — his issues were that they favor the status quo; they lack discussion of critical public choices; and they indulge in false equivalences — and ended by remarking that what I … Continue reading

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Media Literacy; Endpieces

Trying to find something to discuss today besides the latest war news and the latest right-wing conspiracy thinking. Just one linked item today, I think, then some endpiece items. (Graphic by Robert Reich.)

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LQCs: Conspiracy Theories and Authoritarians, One More Time

Links and comments today about the US Right’s continued taste for authoritarians and conspiracy theories.

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Ls&Qs&Cs: Living in History, Alas

We are now witnessing war in Europe, 60 years after World War II ended and the historians and prognosticators thought it would never happen again. But nothing, I think, will never happen again. There will always be despots and authoritarians … Continue reading

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Phil Plait, BAD ASTRONOMY (the book)

Subtitled, “Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Astrology to the Moon Landing ‘Hoax’” Published in trade paperback by John Wiley & Sons, 2002.

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Ls&Cs: How People Think, or Not

I continue to be fascinated about how people think, or don’t think, and how they draw or maintain conclusions about the world around them. The particular things believed aren’t the point, exactly.

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Ls&Qs&Cs: Regressive Agendas

Three posts today about versions of the Republican agenda.

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Ls&Cs: Trust, Doom, Errors, Science Fiction

Issues today from the NYT letters page, about trust in government and humanity’s doom, and about theological errors. With an endpiece about science fiction reviewing…

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Montclair Railroad Trail

Saturday, per my recent policy to find locations for weekend walks or hikes that we’ve never been to, I found something called the Montclair Railroad trail, shown on the map here (click to enlarge):

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SF and politics; Trek; Retconning; More on Wordle

Coincident to yesterday’s post is this essay today in Salon. Salon, Kyle Galindez, 19 Feb 2022: Why can’t sci-fi and fantasy imagine alternatives to capitalism or feudalism?, subtitled, “The limitless imagination of genre novelists hits a roadblock when it comes … Continue reading

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