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Recent Doonesbury and Utopian Ideologies

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Demographic Studies: Red v Blue, Abortions, Social Services, and Mortality Gaps

Two items today that fit neatly together. They are illustrations of demographic trends that seem always to align. Red states, religion, support for authoritarian politicians, disapproval of abortion, disapproval of certain books, distrust of science, and lack of social services. … Continue reading

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Reading Clubs and Robert Silverberg’s “Sailing to Byzantium”

I’ve never belonged to any kind of reading club, or ‘book club’ in the sense of a group of people meeting every couple weeks to discuss a book they’ve all read. (A recent example in pop culture is the movie … Continue reading

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Quick Post on a Late Thursday Afternoon, with Cars

Busy this afternoon with a long zoom meeting concerning a certain magazine and its future. The meeting went longer than I’d thought. For now, here’s a photo of a vintage car we saw a couple weeks ago on a walk … Continue reading

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Facebook Memes and Post

A collection of saves from the past two or three weeks. This first one has been around for a while, and of course speaks to the evidence of psychological studies…

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What People Know, Think They Know, or Believe, vs. How They Act

In particular, about a GOP congressman’s hypocrisy concerning his son’s gay marriage, how the Republican witnesses at the Jan. 6th hearing abandoned their jobs only at the last possible minute, and how people in red states have a distorted view … Continue reading

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This is a 2019 book, self-published, subtitled “A Brazen Guide for Sane Americans to Bypass Trench Warfare and Win Our Life or Death Struggle for Civilization.” This is a book full of sound and fury, an expression of Brin’s rage … Continue reading

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Imposter Christianity, imposter conclusions, imposter patriots, imposter politicians. CNN, John Blake, 24 July 2022: An ‘imposter Christianity’ is threatening American democracy A take on the obvious observation that so many Christians say they believe one thing while in fact doing … Continue reading

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Shatner on Trek Since Him, and What That Might Mean

The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Fish, 21 July 2022: William Shatner Sounds Off on ‘Star Wars,’ Latest ‘Star Trek’ Shows During Lively Comic-Con Appearance, Eric Pesola, 22 July 2022: Is Shatner right? Is Roddenberry ‘Turning In His Grave’ Over New … Continue reading

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Greatest Fictional Deaths

Slate posted this long list and several sidebar articles/interviews on Wednesday. (I’m guessing they compiled it a while back and waited for a relatively slow news day to post it.) Slate, Dan Kois, 20 July 2022: The 50 Greatest Fictional … Continue reading

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