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Fixing the Budget; Civics Education and Constitutions

How to fix the national budget: more tax revenue (not necessarily raising tax rates); Civics education and various ideas for rewriting constitutions. Apropos of this weekend’s events in Washington DC. In some cases there are smart solutions to our problems … Continue reading

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Science and Political Items

First, a couple science bits. Let’s start with an intriguing episode of Veritasium. Veritasium: Math Has A Fatal Flaw. Maybe not a “flaw” but an aspect beyond human intuitive understanding: how in any system of mathematics, there exist true statements … Continue reading

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False Equivalencies, and Books That Cannot Exist

Items today: Biden is old, but sane, while Trump is nuts; Headlines about faith, book banning, and the Biden impeachment; On the street push back from Fox News’ claims that big cities are hellholes; What Trump means by “his people”; … Continue reading

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Larry Kramer RIP

I discovered today that my long-time friend Larry Kramer — no, not the writer Larry Kramer, but one Charles L. Kramer who lived in Los Angeles for decades, until his move to suburban Austin TX back in 2006 — has … Continue reading

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Rapture, Autism, Economics, Authoritarianism

The predicted Rapture that did not (of course) come true; How some Christians believe autism is demonic, and (of course) why they’re wrong; Paul Krugman on why Republicans cling to “right-wing economics”; Heather Cox Richardson, excerpting her new book, on … Continue reading

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Executions, Dictators, and the GOP’s Own Reality

Trump and other Republicans float the execution of Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley; this is where Republicans are: executions; How wannabe dictator Trump would take NBC and other news outlets off the air; More about the GOP’s attack on truth … Continue reading

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Two Political Items, Two Intellectual Items

NYT’s Michelle Goldberg on the legacy of Rupert Murdoch; Responses to conservative dismissals of climate change (with some quotes by Carl Sagan); Veritasium: How knot theory could save your life; Yuval Noah Harari on how history is the study of … Continue reading

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Disinformation, Conservative Denial, and Conspiracy Theories

Why would the GOP block research into misinformation? Hmm.; The pattern of conservative science denial: delay, deflect, downplay; CNN on how how conspiracy theories are tearing American families apart; With concluding thoughts about the idea of responsible citizenship. This is … Continue reading

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Murdoch, Azarian, Reich, and Scientists

Items today: The retirement of Rupert Murdoch, who became wealthy by degrading American politics and appealing to many Americans’ worst instincts; Republican hypocrisy example: John Fetterman vs. Lauren Boebert; with a classic definition: “Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to … Continue reading

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Today’s Items about Politics and Culture

Is the attempt to impeach Biden an example of tit for tat, or something else?; How attendees at the Dreamforce conference this week didn’t recognize the right-wing media depictions of San Francisco, and other cities, as ‘hellholes’. Here’s a piece … Continue reading

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