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Links and Headlines: Dark Skies; Misinformation; Critical Thinking; Empathy; Headlines

There have been a handful of SF novels over the years that include as breaks between the prose sets of futuristic news headlines, to indicate the state of the future world without having to explicate it in detail. Gunn’s The … Continue reading

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How to Read a Book

I posted this on Fb last night, perhaps a bit intemperately and incompletely, upon publication of this book yesterday, Sept. 28th.

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L&Cs: Rhythm the Key to Everything?

What to make of this? (Link via Fb) Timber’s Newsletter: Rhythm is the single most important avenue to greatness in everything humans do Subtitled: “The best musicians, athletes, cooks, writers, and storytellers all have incredible rhythm”

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Status Today: Recovering Into the Twilight

Here’s a personal status post, about only me myself, with no links to or commentary about the outside world.

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Ls&Qs: Rationality and Fear

Two long quotes today, from opposite ends of the spectrum from rationality to fear.

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Ls&Cs: Interesting Times

The latest on strategies to avoid long-term calamities, knowing of calamities and lying about them, the US compared to South America and Europe, and Americans’ grasp of reality.

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Ls&Cs: Computer world views; science fiction vs. fantasy

A couple non-political posts today.

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Shankar Vedantam: USEFUL DELUSIONS (2021)

Here’s a book I read recently, just a week or so after returning from the hospital in late June, and which I’ve skimmed again in the past week to take notes and write up this summary. It’s one of two … Continue reading

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Ls&Cs: Stupidity, Laws, Freedom vs. Death

I had a couple interesting links to post today, but Facebook and the site The Verge, are not cooperating, so I’ll post the link there later. So a few links from earlier this month, about stupidity vs. enmity, laws that … Continue reading

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Lc&Cs: 21Sep21

I’m busy working some substantial books notes, as well as — much more importantly! — working the third phase of the SFADB ranked lists (for novellas). For today though, intending to maintain once a day posts on this blog, here … Continue reading

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