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LQCs: Moral Turpitude and Government Bureaucracy

On Facebook today, the science fiction author David Brin posted an article from the UK paper Guardian (actually, from its US edition), with this comment: “For all their posturing about defending children from abuse, their record tells another story.” At … Continue reading

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Carl Sagan, PALE BLUE DOT (1994), post 1

This was one of Carl Sagan’s last books, published in 1994 (by Random House) just two years before his death in 1996. It’s subtitled “A Vision of the Human Future in Space,” though on the inside flap it’s referred to … Continue reading

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LQCs: How America Skews Far Right

First today, I am struck by this graphic reposted by David Gerrold and others on Facebook the other day. It has no provenance — I can’t tell who originally created it, nor what data might back it up — but … Continue reading

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Housekeeping and Bureaucracy

First of all today, I’ve tightened the home page of this site by removing the “pinned” profile post with my photo from the top of posts. Instead I’ve condensed that content, and the photo, into the right sidebar. Second, I’ve … Continue reading

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A Visit to Treasure Island

This is a post about our excursion yesterday, Saturday, which I already posted about on Facebook, but have expanded here somewhat. The photo is a panorama from the west side of Treasure Island looking south, showing the west part of … Continue reading

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L&Cs: Making Things So, As Long as They’re Black or White

There was an item, an opinion piece, in one of the online venues a few weeks ago, the link to which I didn’t capture at the time and could not find later. I didn’t even read the whole piece. But … Continue reading

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Published in German, 2019, in English, 2020, by Sceptre. This is a short book on an idea that seems counter-intuitive. But I love counter-intuitive ideas, those that challenge my provisional conclusions about the world, especially if a book on such … Continue reading

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LQCs: Conservative Values and Behaviors

Topics for today: conservative grievance and rage; Marriage Equality is the next conservative target; Christian behavior; religious tests; longing for a 12th century past. (I usually display an image from one of the items I post, but for today I’ll … Continue reading

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LQC: Sharpest Tools; My Tracking Spreadsheets

Salon, Chauncey DeVega, 23 March 2022: New research on Trump voters: They’re not the sharpest tools in the box, subtitled, “Now there’s proof: Trump’s voters lack ‘cognitive sophistication,’ often believe Bible is literal word of God”

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LQCs: The Self-Righteousness of “Authentic” Americans

And: Republican victim-hood and their desire to discriminate against people they don’t like. And why the Supreme courts keeps discovering “new” rights.

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