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LQCs: Happiest Nations; Social Constructs; Salesforce Park

Yesterday we visited Salesforce Park, in the city.

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LQCs: Grievances, Envy, Government & Technology, Sleeping at Night

What I discussed yesterday is in today’s NYT. NYT, Charles Homans, 19 March 2022: Trucker Protest Moved by More Than Opposition to Covid Mandates, “The demonstrators camped outside Washington are rallying against Covid restrictions, but are fueled by a far … Continue reading

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LQCs: Contrarians, Conspiracy Theories, and Talking Points

The Atlantic, David French, 18 March 2022: What the Russia Invasion Teaches Us About the Right, subtitled, “Contrarians aren’t critical thinkers. They’re gullible reactionaries, vulnerable to conspiracy theories.”

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LQCs: Ideology First, and Never Mind Facts

Republicans pulled a fast one for DST. And according to them, everything wrong in the world is the Democrats’ or Biden’s fault.

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LQCs: More about DST and the effects on US states

Maps of how DST would affect US states, and commentaries.

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I have several more links about the DST initiative, but for the moment… I’ve created a page on this site called Musings, which is now up there on the top menu bar, where I’m compiling links and summaries to various … Continue reading

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LQCs: Legislating Reality: Redefining “Noon”

A bill passed the Senate today to make Daylight Saving [not Savings] Time permanent. This, in effect, would redefine noon, in the US, to be the time of day indicated by 1pm on the clock. This is, in effect, changing … Continue reading

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LQ&Cs: Russia, Putin, gas prices, the open society

Russia and fake news, how current gas prices reflect actions untaken and short-term memories, Paul Krugman on Putin vs. the open society, and where Republicans might go with Ukraine conspiracy theories.

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Arthur C. Clarke, RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA (1973)

This was Clarke’s first novel after “returning” to writing novels after the break of nearly a decade collaborating with Stanley Kubrick on the book and film 2001: A Space Odyssey. (His previous major novel had been A Fall of Moondust … Continue reading

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L&Cs: Yet Another All-Time Novel List

Just discovered, at 4:45pm, that I don’t have time for anything substantial this evening; we’re having guests within half an hour. (Was going to write up Clarke’s RAMA. Maybe tomorrow.) So here’s a kind of link and comment I don’t … Continue reading

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